Shoe Size Conversion Chart


Hi Fellow Shoe Lovers,

I know that it is sometimes hard to convert international shoe sizes to the size that you are used to, especially when buying shoes from different manufacturers and designers around the world.

Therefore, I have put together an international shoe size conversion chart for women’s shoe sizes. This chart is prepared to assist everyone, who is seeking a basic conversion between international shoe sizes. There are USA, Europe, UK, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Russia and Ukraine women’s shoe sizes in the table as well as conversion in inches and centimeters.

But be aware: because there are so many variations amongst the shoe measurement systems, there will be differences between available conversion tables. You need to take into consideration that most manufacturers and designers have their own size charts.

Therefore, although it’s been pretty accurate so far for my purposes, relying exclusively on this chart is not enough to guarantee precise conversion and thus everyone’s satisfaction.

My suggestion is that anyone who wants to find the right shoe size should measure the inside of the shoe from heel to toe in inches and centimeters and do the same for the foot as well. Actual measurements help a more precise fit when purchasing a new shoe. It is also suggested that you collect information about the sizing of the specific manufacturer to make sure that the shoe fits.

I hope you find the perfect shoe….


Only High Heels Shoe Size Conversion Chart by Goddess Tasha