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Rihanna Looks Stunning in Her Stiletto OTK Boots

I love this photo shoot.

Rihanna is very elegant and sexy in a very simple outfit.

Her thigh high boots with their 6-inch stiletto heels definitely step up her game significantly and she definitely knows how to pose in them and with them.

Enjoy the 85 HQ pictures of pop star Rihanna.

Goddess Tasha

My High Heeled Boot Favorites

giuseppe zanotti

I must admit, I am a Boot Girl. I love boots and I can wear them anytime, even in the summer!

This year, a new trend emerged. Designers all around the world are creating styles that look like a pair of rather closed peeptoe pumps or sandals but they call them a bootie, “peeptoe bootie”, “open-toe ankle boots” or even a “shoe bootie” or “shoe boot” as in case of Fendi High Heel Gladiator Shoe Boots.

Whatever they are called, these styles are sexy and gives us ladies the chance to show off our well-pedicured toes, even in fall and winter! There is also a continuing trend for over-the-knee (OTK) and thigh-high designs and although most designers are looking for a fresh style, I love some of the retro look like in Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, and especially Prada OTK models.

Although there are some cute flat or low-heel OTK boots this year (especially some riding boot inspired models), I always prefer high heels and stilettos!

Below are some of my high heel boot and bootie preferences for this fall season. I will be posting more of this tomorrow.

The Bootbitch