Kick-ass Atomic Blonde

My High Heeled Boot Favorites

This year, a new trend emerged. Designers all around the world are creating styles that look like a pair of rather closed peeptoe pumps or sandals but they call them a bootie, “peeptoe bootie”, “open-toe ankle boots” or even a “shoe bootie” or “shoe boot” as in case of Fendi High Heel Gladiator Shoe Boots. […]

Before The Summer Ends – Sexy Sandals of 2009

Although there will be always hardcore boot-girls (like me), who would stick to their stylish boots no matter how hot it is outside, summer generally means wearing sexy sandals and displaying the freshly lotioned heels and pedicured toes. […]

2009 Fall Shoe and Boot Trends / Hot New Styles

There is materials and styles galore and all designers are trying really hard to stand out with their unique designs from the rest of very distinctive designs. […]

Hot and Sexy Boots for 2009 Fall/2010 Winter Season

All in all, this fall will be a great time for all boot lovers-and fetishists amongst us since the “unconventional” and exquisite fetish styles are becoming a part of ladies’ daily boot game! […]